Pokesniper Apk-Download Pokesniper for Android & IOS {2019}

Pokesniper apk download-Hello, guys now I am going to tell you about an exciting apk.  You all know that pokémon Go game no doubt that it is the worldwide famous game and it is a favorite game for millions of people around the world. You all might have wandered for the pokémon around the city and wasted your lot of time to catch the pokémons. It’s quite difficult to roam around the streets, and there are some hardcore fans for pokémon game who wander total city to catch the pokémons.


Don’t worry guys here is the solution to your problem you can get easily pokémon’s without wandering the city. You can get the rare pokémons without moving from your office or home. Can you believe it guys? Yes, you have to believe you can catch the pokémon without roaming with the help of pokesniper apk which is unbelievable. You can catch any Pokemon not only from your street or city, not even country you can catch any Pokemon around the world without moving from your place. That’s interesting, right? Here I am going to tell you how to download the pokesniper and much more about this apk. Also sometimes we need antivirus and I found an amazing article on avast premier license key.


As we know that the pokesniper apk download for android and ios is a little bit easy because of this tutorial/guide. Bt the way pokesniper apk is one of the best app in the market where people can play pokemon go games easily without going outside.

Pokemon go pokesniper app supports and enable us to make this game complete and playable from the bed. I know you are thinking why we should play this game from bed. Well, there are lots of the reason why we should play this game from the bed.Becuase mostly today, people love to spend their most of the time on the mobile phone and want to play and try some uniques games from their comfort zone.

Like lazy people, like me would love to download pokemon go game and play from my bed. Due to my laziness, i won’t go outside, so the normal thing i can do with my device is pokesniper app download. Yes, it is an amazing app that i have been using for long time and now i can play any pokemon go like games from home.


Let me first say what is pokesniper before telling how to download pokesniper. Pokesniper is a fantastic application for the users of android and ios. This application is used for the Pokemon go game. This apk is a tool for the Pokemon go game where you can catch any Pokemon around the world without moving from your place. It has unbelievable features. You can show all the pokémon’s to your friends and make them shock. With the help of pokesniper say bye to roaming and wandering for the pokémon’s and wasting your time. It works both on rooted and nonrooted devices, and it is a free application.


  • Pokesniper is a fantastic application where you can get unbelievable features it works both on android and ios devices.
  • You can get any Pokemon around the world without moving from your place
  • Only one tap to locate the Pokemon with coordinates.
  • You can teleport from one coordinate to another with just one tap.
  • Pokesniper is a safe application it does not cause any harm to your device.
  • Pokesniper is user-friendly
  • It is free application
  • It works both on android and ios devices.
  • There is no ban threat for this application which is the powerful feature so that you can use this application without any fear.
  • No root is required for your device to install the application.


pokesniper is very easy to download you can easily install this application on your device, and it is a safe application, so it does not cause any harm to your device. The major advantage of this application is there is no ban threat for the apk so you can use this application without any fear. Here I am going to tell you the step by step procedure to download pokesniper into your device.

Step 1: firstly make sure that your device accepts the files from unknown sources or go to settings and click on security and enable the unknown resources. So you can download any application from unknown resources.

Step 2: go to the following link and click on download button

Step 3: after clicking on the link the apk file will be downloaded automatically, it takes few minutes.

Step 4: after downloading process in completed the apk file is downloaded. Transfer the apk file to your device and go to the transferred apk file in your device and click on file and click on install button.

Step 5: this process takes few minutes. After finishing this process, your pokesniper apk is successfully installed on your device.

That’s it!! You can enjoy the features of the pokesniper application. You can catch all the pokémon’s around the world without roaming in the streets.


pokesniper is a powerful application it is straightforward to use, but you need some knowledge about the game so that you can handle pokesniper efficiently. Don’t worry guys here I am going to tell you how to use pokesniper apk.

  • Firstly download and install the application on the above link
  • Now open the application you need to create an account. To add an account click on the menu bar, this is located exactly on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on account option and after opening tap on adding new account which is bottom of the screen.
  • Enter all the details like name, email, etc.; that’s it! Your account will be created, and you can access the application.


To catch the Pokemon, you require the exact coordinates of the place; now I am going to explain to you how to find correct home coordinates.

  • Click on the button
  • Enter the address where you last used Pokemon go.
  • Click on ‘find’ button.
  • After clicking the button the longitude and the latitude is displayed.
  • Now enter the coordinates in the pokesniper “home coordinates” box.
  • Now click on save button so that it will be saved and the Pokemon account will be displayed in your account section.


Step 1: to snipe the Pokemon click on the menu bar this is located exactly on the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 2: below the accounts option you can find “hunt coordinates’ option click on the option.

Step 3: so that you will find three options

Step 4: taping on any option will automatically open its website.

Step 5: once the website is loaded you can see the list of Pokemon and its details.

Step 6: in the given list of pokémon’s if you wanted to snipe any of the Pokemon just click on “pokesniper” option.

Step 7: now you will be redirected to the pokesniper apk, and all the details of the Pokemon are filled.

Step 8: type on snipe those bitches option to start sniping.

Step 9: you will notice a same process in the log box. If you see the message, Pokemon captured that’s it!! The Pokemon is captured.

Step 10: to see the pokémon’s you captured just go to the menu and click on the poke bag option to see the pokémon’s you have captured.


Are you wandering for pokémons? Do you want rare pokémons without roaming? Yes, it is possible pokesniper is the fantastic apk where you can catch the pokémons without moving from your place. It is a free application, and it works both on android and ios device.

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